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This workshop will guide you through the basics of using a standard sewing machine. You will learn how to properly thread the machine, fill and place the bobbin, use a sewing guide, and how to troubleshoot common problems. In addition, this class will give you the basic, but necessary, skills for proper sewing including preparing and working with fabrics, cutting techniques, and the care and use of sewing tools. In the end, you'll walk out with a beautiful keepsake that you created using your new-found skills!

Get concrete, hands-on experience in this beginner workshop. Learn the fundamentals of woodworking and how to safely operate the core wood shop tools. You will use a drill press, band saw, and belt and disk sanders. Learn to make mitered cuts, curved cuts, smooth edges, and drill holes. Participants will gain these skills by completing a simple project, resulting in a memento to keep when you’re done.

Teens will learn that Medieval artisans were way out there when it came to nanotechnology! They figured out how to use nanoparticles of gold and silver to create different colors from the silver and gold colors we are used to seeing. Through chemistry, teens are able to replicate the same nanotechnology the Medieval artisans did! Teens will be able to take home a nanoplex glass and also add to Arizona Science Center’s Teen Science Scene nanoparticle stained glass project.

It's Slime Time
Toddlers and preschoolers get messy investigating the world of chemistry! In this class, children will learn about the different properties making silly slippery science slimes, explore a humongous slime eruption, and invent scientific goo to take home!

Learn how to use a laser cutter to cut, etch, and engrave designs in a variety of materials like acrylic, glass, metal, wood, paper, plastic, rubber, or stone. In this introductory workshop you’ll personalize a design and watch as this versatile tool cuts and engraves at the touch of a button.

The structure and function of the eyeball is explored in this hands-on classroom experience. Students will also be exposed to proper use of dissection tools and lab materials while dissecting a real cow eyeball.

The structure and function of the eyeball is explored in this hands­on classroom experience.  Students will also be exposed to proper use of dissection tools and lab materials while  dissecting a real cow eyeball. 

Students will explore the anatomy of real turtle specimens and will learn about their unique respiratory and digestive systems, in addition to proper dissection technique and etiquette. This is an extended two-hour class. If you would like your child to have their individual specimen, register for "Individual Specimen." If you would like your child to work in a group of four, register for "Group Specimen."

Cub Scout Elective Adventure Forensics Workshop
Delve into the forensic sciences and learn how to investigate crime sciences. Bear Scouts will explore chromatography, analyze fingerprints, and conduct hands-on experiments like true Crime Scene Investigators!

Students will “hop” into a comprehensive frog dissection and explore their interesting anatomy/physiology. Lab procedure and dissection techniques will be taught and students will learn what makes frogs an “indicator” species, and why they are vital to our environment. If you would like your child to have their individual specimen, register for "Individual Specimen." If you would like your child to work in a group of four, register for "Group Specimen."

As a CSI intern, teens will use DNA fingerprinting findings to determine who committed the crime. Teens will take DNA from the crime scene and from crime suspects to try to figure out who is the criminal. On the killer’s trail, teens will do gel electrophoresis to help further the investigation. Do you think you can solve the case?

Camps: Science of Magic
Discover the world of magic! From optical illusions to psychology, card tricks to trap doors, campers will investigate the science behind some popular magic tricks, and even learn a trick or two of their own.

Students will learn about the science and fields of paleontology and archaeology. Students will reconstruct past cultures based on their findings at different "dig sites."

Toddlers and preschoolers transform into dinosaur detectives as they explore paleontology! In this class, children will study fossils from Arizona, excavate dinosaur eggs and investigate these fossils found inside! Children will also learn how everything from the past is associated with each other including dino poop!

Step into the shoes of a paleontologist and learn about the fossilization process, tools of the  trade, and how to properly execute a dig in different environments. Using paleontology tools and  methods, students will excavate various “dig sites.”

Boy Scout Chemistry Badge Workshop
Experiment with substances and how they react with each other. Boy Scouts will become chemists as they explore different states of matter and engage in hands-on chemistry activities.

Learn how crystallization occurs by making lab-created geodes. Then, become field geologists and use a variety of methods to identify mystery minerals. Students must attend both sessions.

Interested in seeing gnarly things under a microscope like mineral samples, or anima or plant cells? Teens will learn about different kinds of microscopes and look at really small cool things under a microscope! Teens will be able to make their own slides from plant tissue!

Drones, a remote controlled aerial vehicle, are believed to revolutionize our daily lives in the future! In this class, teens will put together a drone, launch and test it! Before teens even fly their first drone, they will learn all about aerodynamics! Flying isn’t as easy as it seems. Teens will be able to take home their drones! This class is an additional $130.

Please Don't Stop the Music
Music and movement is very important part of a toddler and preschooler's developing body. In this class, children will investigate various instruments, learn how to create a beat and rhythm using unique supplies, and create their own instruments to take home!

What's the big deal about nano? By manipulating the properties of clear nail polish and water, students will learn about thin films and practical and current applications of nanotechnology.

In this workshop, students will be introduced to concepts of nanoscience as it relates to  biomedicine by exploring new technologies currently in development to assist physicians with  disease diagnosis. 

Boy Scout ASC Patch Camp-in
Blast through space, create a chemical reaction, take a trip through the body, and invent new structures during this Boy Scout Camp-in! Enjoy a night of fun as you explore the wonders of astronomy, chemistry, biology, and engineering. All scouts attending will receive an Arizona Science Center Patch, engage in hands-on activities, and see a Dorrance Planetarium presentation.

All life on our Earth depends on water for survival. Discover the microscopic world within a drop of water using advanced laboratory methods and microscopes.

Freeze!  The Science of Ice Cream
Using mathematics, toddlers and preschoolers will become immersed in the science of ice cream making. In this class, children will compare and contrast solids and liquids, mix ingredients, use a scientific freezing method, and explore the textures and of course, taste their delectable inventions!

Boy Scout Sustainability Badge Workshop
Explore sustainability and renewable energy at Arizona Science Center! Experiment with composting, plastic waste and learn about species decline.

Planet Earth is covered in 72% of water but less than 1% of it is drinkable. In this class, students become water scientist as they work with supplies to design and build a water filtering system.

Cub Scout Engineering Activity Badge Workshop
Discover the world of engineering at Arizona Science Center! Webelos Scouts will create an electrical circuit, build catapults and bridges as well as meet an engineer.

Cub Scout Scientist Activity Badge Camp-in
Engage in hands-on activities at Arizona Science Center while working towards the Scientist Activity Badge. Webelos Scouts will explore rocketry, Newton’s Laws of Motion, pressure, and more.

In this hands on chemistry class, students learn to make predictions and observations as they go through their own chemical reaction.

Desert Explorers
Preschoolers and toddlers will gain an appreciation and respect for the natural environment around them in this Preschool Science Saturday class. Children will interact with our desert landscape by searching and categorizing items found in nature and create a natural material masterpiece to take home.

Students will learn about general differences between acids and bases and their properties in solutions. They will then observe various reactions involving acids and bases and discuss applications of acids and bases in everyday life.

Bugs and Blooms
It's Spring! The relationship between bugs and blooms is an important relationship for all life on Earth! Toddlers and preschoolers will observe the similarities and differences between insects and learn the importance of their role for plant pollination. Children will create their own germinator pouch and biodegradable planter which they can take home and watch bloom!

This class will introduce students to basic astronomy and learn about the stories and legends that inspired the constellations we know today. Students will also create their own take-home constellation boxes.

Boy Scout Oceanography Badge Workshop
Dive into the fascinating world of Oceanography without leaving the desert! Boy Scouts will explore density, currents, and organisms living in the water.

The solar system, comets and the moon are all discussed as the students take their journey through space. Students are able to weigh themselves on planet scales as they learn more about gravity and mass of each planet. A comet is even made with the ingredients necessary to form a dirty snowball.

Uncover the chemistry behind the coloration of planets and other space objects. Students will then design and create their own planet using special painting techniques.

Discover the physics behind rocket science! Students will design, build, and launch their own air pressure powered rockets. The class will have an indoor and outdoor component, as the students will have an opportunity to launch their creations.

3-2-1 Blastoff
Toddlers and preschoolers will have a blast learning about rockets during this Preschool Science Saturday class! Children will design, build and launch their rockets using a specially engineered launch pad. Children will learn a rich scientific vocabulary during the class that may launch their future career in rocket science!

Students will explore the physics behind rocket science as they design and build their own water-powered rocket. The class will have an indoor and outdoor component, as the students will have an opportunity to launch their creations.

Ocean Commotion
The wonders of the ocean come to life during Preschool Science Saturday class. Children will dive right in with hands-on, sensory exploration of the ocean and explore the movement, sounds and critters of the ocean!